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Creating New Email Account Using cPanel

A hassle-free module guiding each user in creating their first ever email account is integrated in our system. Let us walk you through step by step in making your brand name registered in online platforms. Sounds cool?

Email Configuration Using Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free email application software of Mozilla Firefox. It is widely used web mail platform for personal and business pursuits, Here , we've provided a convenient and easy way to configure your email through this friendly lovely app. Sounds fantastic?

Email Configuration Using Outlook

Just like Thundermail, Outlook is also a widely used mail application from Microsoft. It paves way for an efficient and productive workflow. Plan, schedule and send an email about an appointment, meeting and activity through Outlook. Let us make things simple and easy through our user-friendly accessible online tutorial video. Sounds wonderful?

Email Configuration Using Gmail

Configuring an email may take awhile quite sometimes because of the technical requirements aligned to the process but don't worry, Our team has always been ready in adapting new methods in helping you connect with people online. We understand your dire need of gmail access as your back-up email support so we have built tools you can utilize to further understand its function and importance. Let this be your free learning lecture in making the most out of everything you ever did. Sounds incredible?